Love ...

 Love, for my family, my son, my husband ... the kind of love that lifts you up !

Chapter 2 ...x 
Chapter 1 Here Alexandra Louise Harvey arrived in London the morning after her mother’s letter.  She arrived on the footsteps of Caverstill house with her maid Brigitte, cov......

I'm Dating my Husband ...?
So, we are sitting at the table the other night after dinner  (surrounded my thrown peas courtesy of Erik)   and we are writing our "summer bucket list"(a list of all the things we want to experience together during summer )

If its Not Broken... Don't Fix It ?
Or should I say ... if you don't tell me its broken , How can I fix it ?
These are the words I live by every day...
These are the words that ensure I never fight with my husband,
Fix it ?

Chapter one ...
James , Duke of Caverstill, sighed, and ran one hand threw his chestnut curls,   he had finally finished reading the very last report on his estate in Scotland, ... his hard work with the forgotten family estate was beginning to pay off... He looked around his large study and just took a moment to appreciate what the last year had brought him … Kate , his beautiful, lush wife ! Chapter one x

I Have a Husband Who ...
  • always kisses me good night
  • makes me laugh .... a lot ... till it hurts
  • knows the importance of cuddles ... especially in public
  • puts out the rubbish every week without being asked 
  • Hubby Appreciation

    Our Love Story... Part 3, Moving On ?
    by now I have endured about 2 years of relentless torture......, hopelessly crushing on  the boy ... Aaron Gates
    he is still ignoring me....
    I'm 15 and a half now ... and never been kissed. Never been kissed ... because I am still waiting ...

    Love story, part 3

    Our Love Story ... Part 2 , The Stalking !
    Too much heart ache ....
    every quiet moment my mind drifts .... I spend hours day dreaming ... thinking about the boy .....
    tall, lanky,proper school uniform, but pants hanging below his butt
    la ice cola in hand.

    our love story ... part 1 .... the meeting
    our love story .... did not start out as a fairy tale .....
     it started out as any high school sweet heart story might ....
     with an unrequited crush on a bad boy !


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