About Shona ...

ummm ... i like my kids, my husband, being outdoors ... and wine ... what else do you want to know ? 

So..About me, Shona Louise Gates, im 25, im a mum, wife, daughter, friend, sister, reader, writer, yoga enthusiast and boss momma 

I run 2 business around 2 kids  and still attempting to find the balance of it all 
 born and bred the Barossa Valley in South Australia. I live in Nuriootpa with my Husband Aaron and two kids, Erik 5 ( autistic adventures ) and Holly, almost 3 

 Aaron and I met at High school, we brought our first house at nineteen and had our son at 21, so whilst most of our friends are hitting the nightclubs every weekend we are gardening, camping, picnicking and cuddling on the couch watching movies ! 

We love our life,  

 Oh yeah , this is meant to be about me isn't it ...? 
Well ... Before I was a full time Mumma, I worked for optometrists as an optical dispenser and then later as a Manager for both budget eyewear and Specsavers. Once Erik was born, I traded stressful Management for full time Mummahood  and never looked back ! 
2 years later, after many sleepless night, fevers, power-vomits and antibiotic poo explosions ... I wouldn't change it for the world, I love being a mum, especially a Free Range Mumma ! 
Why I blog ... Well, after Erik was born, I discovered blogs. Blogs that helped me become a better cook, wife, mother, lover, sister, friend and daughter ... and then after months of scouring these blogs and being amazed at how much they lifted me up and inspired me, I decided to try it myself...  
I spent a Monday afternoon setting up my blog, basic, no frills ... and I started posting.. I didn't tell anyone, it was my little secret! But a few weeks later, I was getting views, at first only a few, and then a few hundred and then all of a sudden a few thousand.. And well you know the rest! 
The feeling I get when I receive a comment, email, random stranger stop me in the street ... and tell me  about how I have helped them, totally makes my day. Whether it be advice with cloth nappies, or making a life changing decision ... It makes all the late nights in front of my lap top screen worth it !
Totally. Worth. It !!!  
but then we hit a road block ... 2 days before my daughter holly was born, we received the news that Erik  would be tested for autism ... at 2.5 years old after a long winded expensive round of assessments our little boy Erik was diagnosed with autism, 
we were fortunately surrounded by wonderful supportive understanding and accepting family and friends who loved him and us as we were ... unconditionally 💙Erik began intensive therapy with early intervention and are proud to say he has come soo far in the last 2.5 years, he now talks, makes eye contact, can be in social situations, understands dangers, has stoped running away, and can explain and control his emotions much better 🙏🏼
I'm not going to lie, it's been a hell of a journey we have had many highs and many lows but we continue on, it's exhausting and being an invisible disability often people are quick to judge, so THANKYOU to all of those wonderful family and friends for their comforting hugs, kind words with Erik, patience and even for the little things... like inviting Erik to birthday parties, buying books to help his friends understand his behaviour better .... most of all acknowledging his progress instead of how far we still have to go 
Autism is not the tragedy .... ignorance is the tragedy 
so while blogging has taken a break, out life has not, we are the happiest, healthiest and most connected we have ever been ... and when i do find time and inspiration, i hope to be bale to share that with you 

for all my loyal readers, THANKYOU, your kind words of encouragement and support mean more than you could ever know x 

xxx Free Range Mumma xxx


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