Overcoming Anxiety ... its not what you might think

Ok how the fuck to I blog about anxiety

I want this to be eloquent, inspiring and relatable ….

But so far Im coming up blank

 so I'm just going literally brain dump here ... hope that cool 

Ive had anxiety for years, even as a kid

It fucking sucks  … its like a GIANT hot burning ball of fire sits in your throat constantly,  you can’t turn your brain off from running a million miles a hour, can’t sleep  and you are in a constant state of tension and stress  .. every little problem is world war 3 … and even things that aren’t a problem like turning right across traffic, or going to the gym when you don’t know who else will be there can send you into a full-blown panic attack

Its tears, and shaking, and adrenalin, and taking hours to recover  .. it’s never fulling living your life because you can’t let go and just “be”

It’s always trying to live 5 minutes, a day, a week, a year in the future

It’s trying to predict every single move that every single person will make and the outcomes for every possible solution ….

It’s exhausting, its soul crushing and for a long time it totally crippled me

Even though you never would have known any of this from the outside

But I’m better now … and all that is gone …. And I don’t really know how to explain that

It wasn’t hypnosis, it wasn’t medication ( props to you guys if that has worked for you )   it wasn’t some magic switch .. its still there … but the giant ball of anxiety in my throat, doesn’t feel like a soccer ball jammed in there, these days it’s more like a tiny pea  
 It just sits there reminding me to be mindful

How did I over come it

Ill tell you but it might not make any sense at all … it’s a combination of a few things,
 and it probably all sounds like hippy dippy bullshit, so try it or don't .. I don't care haha ... see all anxiety and thought of others skepticism  . gone :P 

meditating … daily,
its nourishing my body,
 its exercise ..
its doing personal development and learning to be present in the moment …
its actualy the mind altering life changing realisation that worry, and guilt and fear is all fucking pointless ….  Worrying about something that “could” happen … doesn’t mean it will happen , it just means you’ve wasted time  and happiness thinking about it
its Realising I can not conroll anyone or anything out side of my own attitude and effort
 it’s the realisation that the more I think about bad things the more bad things happen, so to be positive and grateful every day instead
Its learning about the law of attraction, reading countless books by inspirational women,
its taking time out to do the things that I love, regardless of what other people think …” if I need a friggen mani pedi, I’m going to get one, and you can jam your mum guilt where the sun don’t shine “
its taking my Tang Kuie Chinese herb supplement learn more here   every single night before bed to help me fall straight asleep and fall asleep well, instead of relying on alcohol to turn off and numb my brain
its being a part of the MIND BODY SOUL SQUAD and surrounding myself with other positive women

Its been a gradual movement to choose acting out of LOVE instead of Fear every day … its digging down deep to unpack those buried emotions and traumas and realign my mindset

It hasn’t been easy but its been 100% worth it

If your reading this and anything, absolutely anything has resonated with you … please reach out,
I managed to accidently resolve my anxiety myself, but you don’t have to do that if it’s not what’s true to you, seek help, see a counsellor, speak to a friend, ask your GP for some help … just reach out … it is NOTHING to be ashamed off  .. it means you are STORNG, because YOU my darling, are still hear despite it all xxx

 if I can do this ...me  ( who can't spell to save herself and has awful grammar )  me ... little old, late to school drop off, and forgets permission slips me ... you CAN do this 

 If you would like any recommendations about mediations, courses or reading materials, feel free to email me aaron_shona@Hotmail.com


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