Retirement, child care costs and wondering if my kids will every be able to afford a house

 The other day I had a rather interesting conversation with my husband’s grandma …it opened my eyes up to a few things and has been playing on my mind ever since …. With that scary overthinking end of the world doomsday path that my brain likes to escape down sometimes

That fear for the future type  anxiety …. The kind which you brain almost wants to block out, like it can’t quite comprehend the unknown or even worse the known .. so it just buries its head in the sand …. Until one day you can’t keep your eyes tightly shut  and buried anymore  you open your eyes and you know you’ll never see the same way again

We had grandma Shirley over for dinner … I wish I could say it’s something we do regularly but we don’t, we intend to, we wish to, but it happens too rarely, with kids, football practice, ballet my evening international conference calls we barely have a night free these days

Never the less, grandma Shirley was over for dinner, and after dinner we sat cup of tea in hand around the kitchen table as the kids played not so quietly in their bedroom,
She talked about the “good old days’ you know the ones where grandma an pa purchased a house for $11,000 a brand new car for $4000 and  only made $50 a week, but it was still enough to have epic adventures, camping holidays and sweets every Friday afternoon …

Soon we were talking about our financial situation, the fact that its 100% times better than where it was 2 years ago ….but  It still seems impossible sometimes to see the light  

Then it hit me, Aaron and I are two hardworking smart people, we aren’t extravagant in our lifestyle we live within our means and even we have had times where we struggle to make ends meet  ( an I do mean  taking food donations from the church, looking at losing our house type of struggle )

Because here’s the crunch … our world is absolutely ridiculously expensive … and I live in fear of what that means for my children 20 years own the track ….  Heck even 10 years down the track

So I do what I always do, my curious nature … I start googling,  ( I’m a researcher, always have been I love learning and discovering new things ) the next morning I call my accountant, I call my business mentor and I realize we are all seriously screwed in Australia … unless we can make some changes

We have made changes, we have multiple income streams coming in now, we also have a royalty income that will continue to grow and we have plans for investing in property …. But

 Will my kids ever be able to afford to buy a property, will they be able to afford to travel, or will their rent be so ridiculously high and their income so low they will never be able to see the world …  
What will the day care cost be by the time my holly is a mum, will she be working for nothing ??  if she can even afford to become a mum
If Erik takes the path of an apprentice like his father will he be forced to work away in the mines just to support a family …. Or by then will having kids be a luxury no one can afford
Or will he go to university where he will then be crippled by student loans or otherwise know as HEX debt the rest of his life

Will the kids be shuffled into the same cycle  we were,  primary school, high school, UNI/TAFE …. Work 40 -50maybe even 60 years the way things are going  with only 4 weeks “vacation” a year and then retire, broken, sick relying on a pension and government support because let’s face it our super or retirement plans are not really going to work out

Most people I know aren’t even thinking about their own super or retirement, let alone the next generation … to busy living in the moment right  ? too busy piling up personal loans for expensive toys that don’t fill up the gaps they have inside of them living and working without passion and purpose
See more about how we are screwed for retirement here …  when wil you be able to retire ????

  now I'm no financial advisory but I've been broke and over come it so ... sit down and buckle up, because this mummers about to lay down some brutal truths 

But I can’t stop thinking about it … there has to be more …. We can’t just keep surviving, we have to be able to thrive
 What type of crazy world to we live in where mums are working for only $5 a hour after paying for childcare … yep $5 a hour …. I’m not even joking  ….

Can anyone else see the cycle is broken

not just for Aaron and I for our kids and grand kids  and everyone we care about

bankruptcy was something in my mind only happened to selfish big business owners, who made bad choices, but now more and more regular Australian families are having to declare bankruptcy every quarter  for the business vs, personal bankruptcy figures see here

More than 7,000 Australians went bankrupt in the March quarter, according to the latest figures from the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA), showing the fastest rate of Australians going broke since the global financial crisis.

Wesley Mission chief executive Keith Garner said that during 2015 alone they had received over 6,000 calls from financially distressed people.

Redundancies, falling wages and sliding house prices were among some of the reasons behind financial distress.

"If the car breaks down — and the car isn't a luxury for many people, they need it for work — if the car breaks down, they can't deal with that," he said.
"If they get an unexpected health fund bill, it's difficult to pay it. 
"Now when that sort of thing is happening, you really do have issues that you have to face."

And I know, I 100% get it because we have been in that place, wondering how the hell we were going to survive,
After paying for day care for 2 kids, travel and tax, going back to work full time was going to give me $22 at the end of the week …. And that was before they cut all the penalty rates …

Its cheaper and works best for us if I stay home and rise the kids, but my husband wage is barely enough for us to survive on, I have to bring extra income in, which I do now threw my 2 business

But even just surviving is not enough, it’s not about becoming rich or driving a Lamborghini, it’s about investing in our families financial future  making sure that one day we can help them out when it comes to buying a house if we need to, making sure that we aren’t working until we are 80, and the dismal fact that most of our friends will be retiring and ready for the nursing home straight away

Sorry for such a depressing post today … but seriously ... what is going to happen to us 20-40-60 years from now …. It all depends on what we do today ….

And life doesn’t run on HOPE, you cant put food on the table with “Hope” or pay your car repayment with “memories of the good times”

So what can we do …. Can we fix this, of course we can, but its going to take a bit of creativity, a bit of grit and opening your mind towards new possibilities and ways of thinking

Creating a  financial  plan for your future

1.     Read “the richest man in Babylon”
2.     Read “ you are a bad ass at making money“   
3.     Create an app  or website
4.     Get an extra part time job, don’t blow the money set it aside to invest
5.      Invest in property
6.      write a ebook
7.     invest in stocks .. to learn more see tony robbins book “ unshakable”
8.     work with  financial advisor
9.     set up a budget  .. stick to it
10.  research and embrace minimalism ( intentional and mindful consumerism )
11.  join a legitimate direct sales company and begin a 5-10 year plan for your financial future
12.  start your own business … its actually not as hard as you think
13.   only take advice from people you would be willing to trade places with
14.  learn some fucking patience … stop buying things you cant afford to pay for or maintain … duh !

44 ways to make more money  a great extra resource if this first list if overwhelming you ;p

I know this has been a bit grim today …. Props to you for making it the whole way through .. money and sex are theo two things that can impact our lives the most yet somehow the topic is so taboo, no one wants to talk about it, we are just all expected to be magically good at it without asking any questions or ever discussing how to get better at it .. and this is one of the attitudes we need to change !!!

X free range mumma, currently crunching numbers but excited about an amazing future


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