Eczema ... one mums journey to find a solution ...

if theres one thing I'm passionate about for sure ... i know that its empowering women, especially mums to find their passion :) and then most importantly act on it ...  

so nothing gets me more excited  than seeing another fellow mum  with that "boss mumma" attitude, seeing someone who recognised a problem, found a solution and then shared it with everyone, eventually turning their house hold victory to one on a larger scale, helping many more mums and house holds ... 

one such mum, I'm proud to know, is local Barossa mum Erin Gray ... 

We met through my small spray tanning business and later worked together with my wellness coaching business .. as I saw more of her journey on my Facebook new feed I was intrigued, ill be honest, to see what started her journey to begin her own business ... 

Having a pumping little business going in the valley, helping parents and kids overcome  the debilitating condition of eczema NATURALLY I was curious to find out what led her down this path ... what began "Jammies Journey" 

and as anyone who knows me will understand, I'm naturally incredibly curious, I hate not knowing the answers, and my husband is always  frustrated when we are watching a movie and I will be googling the plot and cast members ... thats just me, call it a thirst for knowledge, a curious mind ... what ever you like 

so being me ... I sent Erin an inbox , asking her exactly that ... what started "Jammies journey" 

and after reading her story, I knew I had to share it with you all dear readers, 

so many families suffer in silence, so few  know where to begin ... I hope you can find some comfort and inspiration in Erins words .... 

Jammie’s Journey began in 2013 with the birth of our third child (Jameson). 

As our little boy grew we started to notice a niggling skin complaint. 
Red, blotchy rashes covered his entire body. His behaviour was irritable and his sleep was nonexistent. 
The older he grew the worse his skin became.
As a parent of other children with eczema, I once again found myself going down the long road of topical steroid creams in an attempt to clear my child’s skin.

For months we saw little improvement. The steroids only masked the issue from the surface. Eventually, at the end of my tether with general practitioners, I sought advice and a lifeline from different avenues.
My first port of call was an allergist. The allergist skin prick tested Jammie’s skin at the tender age of 6 months with little to no result. (Mind you, still having to pay a significant fee).

The next step was a dietitian. As with my other children, I was aware that possible food intolerance could flare his skin. This began a 12 month journey of elimination diets and alternative skin therapies.
There were a thousand tears, from both Mum and Jammie; countless noses turned up at the new (and rather bland) gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, salicylate, preservative, artificial colour and artificial flavour free menu. It honestly felt like we were eating the same meals on rotation.

Many times we were successful and Jammie would have skin as clear as the day he was born... then he would sneak something. A piece of bread, a cracker, a biscuit, a piece of fruit (yes even fruit set him off). And there we were again, back at square one. I would be throwing my hands up in the air ready to quit.
Slowly but surely we were able to reach a point where Jammie would maintain clear skin for days on end. This lead to weeks on end and at last, we felt as though we were accomplishing something. However, ‘the itch’ was still there. Even with clear skin, he would itch. He would itch all night to the point of bleeding. This lead to the next step in Jammie’s Journey.

I began to research and experiment with all sorts of lotions, potions, soaks and rubs in an attempt to rid him of ‘the itch’. In the end it came down to a few very basic, natural ingredients - Oatmeal and bi-carb soda.
I started testing these ingredients in his bath, monitoring ‘the itch’ and his skins response. The first thing I noticed was how ‘slippery’ and ‘slimy’ he felt when I took him out of the bath. The bath had literally left a film of moisture on his skin. Incredibly within a week of regular bathing, his skin felt and looked amazing. Even better still, the itching had stopped.

Our incredible journey has been one of trial and tribulation; however I now believe we have found a natural remedy for an age old condition. This is the journey I wish to share; this is Jammie’s Journey...

Before: Jammie’s skin at the height of his eczema. After: Jammie’s skin today. 


Oatmeal has been used for centuries as a natural healing process. It helps soothe and comfort itchy, dry skin. When dissolved in a bath, the milky dispersion coats, moisturises and softens the skin. The oatmeal leaves a protective film preventing moisture loss, creating beautiful hydrated skin. This makes it ideal for those with eczema and other skin conditions. Oatmeal soaks are ideal for relieving dry, itchy skin; eczema; psoriasis; bug bites; sunburn and other minor skin irritations. Better still it is all natural and preservative free.

Bi-carb Soda
Sodium bicarbonate, as it’s known, has amazing healing properties for the skin. When dispersed in a bath, the bi-carb soda helps to neutralize the skins acidity. It promotes the elimination of toxins by drawing impurities from the skin. Bi-carb soda softens dry skin and relieves itching. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and renewed. As a bonus it is colourless, odourless and chemical free.

Goats Milk Powder
Goats’ milk powder is rich in beta-casein, vitamin A, B6, B12 and E. It contains minerals that target sensitive, dry and aging skin. Nourishing and hydrating, this natural product helps balance the skins PH, soothes and locks in moisture. All while containing no preservatives.

Epsom Salt
Epsom salts are another age old remedy used in natural healing. What makes epsom salts so special? The high mineral content of the salt (magnesium sulphate) helps to detox the skin. Magnesium and sulfate are readily absorbed in the body and through a process of reverse osmosis, the minerals pull salts from your body. With these salts come the harmful toxins. The salts reduce inflammation, help muscle and nerve function as well as flushing toxins. 

I have chosen to market these products in hope of helping others who are in need of a natural alternative to treating problem skin. From my own personal experience and the wonderful reviews I have received from customers, Im proud to say they have been a success. I am proud to promote 'all natural' methods of healing. It is a way of life in our household now. It is so rewarding to know my passion and determination to better my sons life has been of benefit to so many. I have some amazing stockists in the Barossa Valley who have supported this Journey and made this venture a success. A great example of small business supporting small business 🙂

you can shop Jammies Journey products here



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