27 weeks ....

How far along: 27 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements:  haven’t measured this wee , I can definitely feel my bump has grown heaps, she’s moved up quite a lot which has changed the way my body looks, I don’t feel much heavier, just different as she’s sitting differently !
Baby girl is growing perfectly, it’s so handy to have a midwife for a sister as every time I see her she always checks me and baby girl !
Maternity clothes:  had to invest in some new PJ pants this week as the ones I was wearing (  since my first pregnancy) finally gave up and ripped all up the crotch … so off to k-mart for some $8.00 specials … I swear I can contribute 90% of my better night sleep to my amazing new PJ  pants !!!
Stretch marks ;  … I found one !!!! L Devastated, and it’s not even on my tummy!  it’s on the inside of my hip on my right leg …. Its big, its purple … so gross!
 I can’t believe all my stretch marks use to look like that, I’m so glad they have all faded … but not much I can do about it now, just have to keep moisturising !
Sleep:    Not so great, restless leg syndrome has started …. And my god it that annoying! I’m tired, I’m exhausted,  I’ve just got comfortable … oh no wait, suddenly I have to move .
 I have also got the recliner in little miss’s room as of yesterday , so it’s nice knowing that if I really can’t get comfy I can migrate in there and try sleeping half up half down … basically at this point I just need some sleep , I don’t care where, how or when … just need to sleep haha
Best moment this week:  my sister turning 20, her birthday breakfast and lots of catching up with friends and family over the Easter weekend… so excited for Erik’s first Easter egg hunt on Sunday.
Also right now …. Right now is a pretty perfect moment, I’m sitting out the back on our little deck typing away and watching Erik play hopscotch  and run around the lawn … the suns warm, but the shades cool and I can faintly smell fresh cut lawn and someone’s wood fire ! It’s pretty perfect … I love autumn !
Miss anything: sleeping on my tummy … being able to get in and out of hubbys 4WD without assistance haha
Movement:  lots !
Food cravings:  cinnamon donuts … now anyone who knows me will tell you why this is such a strange craving … I HATE donuts!
Anything making you queasy or sick;  not really, watching one born every minute makes me want to vomit … but apart from that we are pretty good J
Gender:   GIRL !!! …. TEAM PINK … !
Labour signs:  none
Symptoms:  baby kicksJ, reflux, back pain
Belly button in or out:  in, but it’s on its way out …
Wedding rings on or off: on
Happy or moody most of the time: happy, slightly over emotional … crying at mother’s day cards etc but otherwise fine
Feeling very ready to meet my little girl , even though I’ve still got 13 weeks to go, in the last month two of my beautiful cousins have given birth to the most adorable little baby girls, Poppi and Harley … and its making me incredibly clucky ! Can’t wait to meet my Little Lady J
Looking forward to:  Our little family holiday to Pt Turton with nana and grandpa, and turning off my phone for a few days … can’t wait to wake up by the sea … Bliss!
 My baby sprinkle in June and finishing little miss’s nursery … its nearly there, just a few more things to hang up and it’s all done!
xxx Free range Mumma xxx


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