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So most of you have probably seen the hash tag floating around Facebook, me too , women are posting to show the magnitude of sexual assault and harassment is so much wider and deeper than we realise ….
And for a few minutes when I first saw it I honestly forgot … I thought oh poor them that must have been so awful ….. I completely forgot my own experiences,
Because isn’t that what we are told to do, bury it, send it deep down inside to be unspoken and unheard, because we know what people will say if we do speak up
So we push it so far down that we forget and we move on, or sometimes we don’t ….
The me too campaign has us talking about an issue that for a long time has been considering taboo, or not a real problem by many
And I desperately try not to get involved in politics, or things I can change, but after seeing some of the most beautiful , caring, kind hearted women I know sharing this hash tag, it defiantly stirred something deep inside … it brought up old memories,
I was ab…

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