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Retirement, child care costs and wondering if my kids will every be able to afford a house

The other day I had a rather interesting conversation with my husband’s grandma …it opened my eyes up to a few things and has been playing on my mind ever since …. With that scary overthinking end of the world doomsday path that my brain likes to escape down sometimes

That fear for the future type anxiety …. The kind which you brain almost wants to block out, like it can’t quite comprehend the unknown or even worse the known .. so it just buries its head in the sand …. Until one day you can’t keep your eyes tightly shut and buried anymore … you open your eyes and you know you’ll never see the same way again
We had grandma Shirley over for dinner … I wish I could say it’s something we do regularly but we don’t, we intend to, we wish to, but it happens too rarely, with kids, football practice, ballet my evening international conference calls we barely have a night free these days
Never the less, grandma Shirley was over for dinner, and after dinner we sat cup of tea in hand around the k…

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