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Overcoming Anxiety ... its not what you might think

Ok how the fuck to I blog about anxiety
I want this to be eloquent, inspiring and relatable ….
But so far Im coming up blank
 so I'm just going literally brain dump here ... hope that cool 

Ive had anxiety for years, even as a kid
It fucking sucks … its like a GIANT hot burning ball of fire sits in your throat constantly,you can’t turn your brain off from running a million miles a hour, can’t sleep and you are in a constant state of tension and stress .. every little problem is world war 3 … and even things that aren’t a problem like turning right across traffic, or going to the gym when you don’t know who else will be there can send you into a full-blown panic attack
Its tears, and shaking, and adrenalin, and taking hours to recover .. it’s never fulling living your life because you can’t let go and just “be”
It’s always trying to live 5 minutes, a day, a week, a year in the future
It’s trying to predict every single move that every single person will make and the outcomes for eve…

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