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Great Ocean Road trip

So our great ocean road trip happened at the start of the school holidays …. But truth be told is actually began a few years ago, Christmas morning when Erik opened up a gift from his great grandmother … ODDBALL the movie on dvd
I think it was played on repeat every single day that year and  to say that DVD is well loved would be an understatement, its scratched, covered in jam, and skips the entire way now
Be he loved it, and suddenly out little boy needed to know everything he possiblycould about penguins, merama dogs and warrnambool … in the joy of the moment, seeing him draw countless picture of blobs he called penguins I promised him that one day we would go and see the penguins and oddballs rock …and oh boy, did he hold me too it
Every holiday we went on “ are we going to see oddball “
And for 3 years we tried ….. the first year holly was born and messed up those plans
The next yearwe couldn’t afford it ( to be brutally honest )
And the year after that aaron couldn’t get the tim…

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